Lesson from the Squirrel 

Sitting out here in my yard watching the wind blow but yet I can’t see the wind.. I imagine this is what life will be like years later just me managing to make it to the back yard and sit.. 

Sometimes when I think of getting older like in my eighty and life slowing down I use to be afraid of the loneliness but I have faced it for so long I will have mastered it..

I don’t so much think of it as loneliness anymore but just me and The Father enjoying the sun and the breeze and it’s nice today is not dealing with people.. 

Where I can just sit and look at my and the one squirrel that’s seem to have made it his home.. it’s crazy how they neither seem to worry or care about tomorrow such a simple life they have..

Maybe we can learn from the squirrel.. to know that there will be days that I will look nutty and dig around but I will do it at my own pace and time.. and it’s okay to be alone just don’t be lonely Ann.. always live in the moment..

The Original Me Ann

Picture ~ Squirrel on the fence can you see him


10 thoughts on “Lesson from the Squirrel 

  1. This is a very calming post. It resonates with me and I feel better just thinking about the squirrel and about how you are handling all your trials. Most of us can learn from you even if you are still learning about yourself. ~~dru~~

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  2. Amen! What it’s going to be like when we get to meet our Father face to face! He’s coming soon!
    You’re not the only nutty person, I’ve squirrels living in my closed in porch roof I might well put a sign “welcome to the nut house”
    I love the verses Matthew 6:25-34

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