imageI’ve been doing some think.. how I can in pact the lives of the elderly.. I often think about my grandma and how she was everything to me.. I think how could she be everything I needed in this one person from friend to my doctor..

So I began to think well my life my never be the same.. so there is no need of saying when God heals me because I am already healed it may not be the way I thought or planned but He Jesus said I am healed and so I am..

The doctors have told me I have move more and get out more.. that basically everyday I have to decide to live to live thru the chronic pain and depression or give up on life.. I think more or less to me chronic depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain or maybe because I stayed in dark depression for so long I really don’t know which one but it is something I deal with almost on a daily basis but to Jehovah God be the glory..


See I have been waiting for a miracle for almost 4 years healing in my body and my mind.. but Jehovah has put in place where I can no longer wait the time is now to SERVE.. and what better way than the elderly to make their lives worth living and enjoying..

So I ask God to give me strength to one not think about ME.. but to focus on someone else’s need.. I ask for strength for just one hour to be on service to someone else and not think about my pain or anything that I am going through..  I just want to be a blessing to someone.. if it’s nothing but being company to the elderly just a hour..

Then I go home and I rest but for that hour it was not about me or my pain or why can’t they figure out what’s wrong.. but it was about sharing the Love of Christ.. I told you that they have add more pain medicine to me which is designed to slow down the respiratory system.. see I have come to the conclusion that the government would rather I died than I receive the money that I have worked for but God has other plans for my life..

The Original Me Ann


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8 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. I know it’s hard to get out with depression, but you’ve to beat the emotions before they beat you. Has your doc tried checking your vitamin D levels? I get low in the winter w no sun and stuck in the house because it’s too cold or the roads are bad.

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    1. I don’t think so but I go to pain Management Monday and I have no desire to go up on the morphine.. and then I go the psychiatrist for the depression which I really feel like I’m fighting that on my own because I don’t think the pills are of much help.. but yeah I have seasonal depression too..

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