There will be no reconciliation.. there will be no future of you and I.. no more thoughts of what might be..

Of this I have learned that I am stronger everyday.. I will no longer try to undo the wrong that I done.. and I will forgive the wrong that you done to me..

I will not look back but move forward knowing that I am loved by me.. I will not look to a man to do what only Jehovah God can do and that is to make me feel complete and whole..

I will no longer look to you or anyone to make feel what I now know that I am beautiful inside and out..

Jehovah God has me at a place of healing where brokenness of my heart no longer exist.. a place where I know that in the midst of darkness light does exist.. He has shown me that the only love I need is the love of the Father and to love myself..

I do ask forgiveness for placing expectations on you that you or no man could ever meet..

So as I move to the next chapter in my life.. I will embrace with loving myself completely shortcomings and all.. I will not fear being alone for I know the presence of Jehovah God is always with me.. I will not fear being happy but enjoy the sunshine with the rain..

I will make a Decision everyday to live life to the fullest..

The Original Me Ann

Picture- Me

No editing call me lazy..

6 thoughts on “Decisions

    1. I am so sorry for your loss.. I know that’s must be the worse feeling in the world.. l pray in time that you will find joy and happiness again.. just no that you are not alone that God is always with us.. and I’m always here to listen.. wish you God’s Grace and Peace..

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