It’s Here

I wanna say it like an old friend it shows up.. except it’s not a friend I’ve felt for a few days now.. but today it really wants to make its presence known..

What do I do? I have done everything that I can think of.. I got out of the house, went to the store, visit the grand babies but it’s still here.. I have listened to the word of God and most of all with all my heart I believe it but it’s still here..

So I have retreated to the place where I can just relax.. and wait for it to pass that’s the thing with chronic depression there are very few normal days care free days..

There are just days that you are thankful for moments of peace and happiness.. where seeing the joy that you bring to others is what you hold on too..

Its here but it’s always here.. I’m just learning to live with it one day at a time..

The Original Me Ann

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