To Whom It Concern:

imageIn a couple of weeks I will be turning the 50.. So I thought what better give to give to myself than a lifestyle change.. One of the hardest things when you suffer from chronic pain and depression is to move your body.. because for one you lack motivation and for two it hurts but when I realized that I am always hurting so what harm can proper exercise do.. I am still a believer in the 80/20.. and the benefits of water and apple cider vinegar..
So I decided today to make a lifestyle commitment for better health and mental well being..
Here is some information from someone who has made the lifestyle change.. Andrea Grimes is wife and mother of two grown children.. who decided to conquer her fears and make necessary changes to her diet to create a clean eating and healthy lifestyle..

Wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and the reflecting on becoming older is how I began to eat clean. I’ve tried many other eating habits and programs over the years but still seemed to always revert back to the same old bad habits until nearly 2 years ago I decided to “go big or go home”. I knew the answer had to be in what I was consuming.
I began by doing research on food and how it can actually heals and nourish the body. I knew I was getting older which played a major part in my decision to eat clean and healthy. Some other benefits that stood out to me were of course being able to maintain a healthy weight, clear complexion, thoughts of the body healing itself without medication and increased energy.
Watching the documentary Forks Over Knives which is still available on Netflix was a major eye opener for me. It documents different individuals and how they’ve completely changed their lifestyle , eating habits and drastically improved their health in order to save their lives.
What we eat matters for our health and wellbeing stamina and longevity. For me I started increasing more fruits vegetables and legumes which I was terrible with vegetables. It has caused me to try new foods I thought were “nasty” or didn’t “appear” to be appealing. Cutting back on/out processed foods reading labels and watching portion sizes played a major part as well. Getting some form of exercise was a must. Walking running and swimming are the forms that appealed to me find what you have an interest in so you can maintain it over the long haul which is the key.
It’s has to be a lifestyle change and not passing fad. I feel so much better eating this way and can really tell the difference in my body. Now, with all that said it doesn’t mean that I haven’t fallen off the wagon but that’s fine from time to time I just get it out of my system and go back to what I know is best for me.
Do research on what it is you feel is best for you and the goals you’d like to accomplish for yourself and how to live a happy and most importantly healthy life!
The Original Me Ann
Article by: Andrea Grimes

2 thoughts on “To Whom It Concern:

  1. I really liked your article. I recently had bariatric surgery. I was 263 pounds.and tried various ways to loose weight but it was a struggle. I struggled for various reasons. Some was my own lack of will and motivation and others was stress ignorance. Now I am forced to monitor what I put in my new little stomach.

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