She Just got Tried Part2

imageShe sit with the cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth.. She wanted to once again crawl into the corner of her mind where she felt safe.. 

As hard as she wanted to she couldn’t give up on life again.. She didn’t wanna let her family down again.. beside she knew if she returned to her the corner of her mind there would be no coming back..

She knew on the days that she felt like she was just to tired to go on that He would be there like all the times before.. all she had to say was ” Hear, O Lord and have mercy on me; Lord be my helper! ( Psalm 30:10)

But what about the times when she has no voice at all.. when she was just to tired from trying everything known to man.. the nights that she felt like He had left her it is then that she wraps herself in His word “I will never leave you or forsake you Ann”..

She just got tired but she still believe with all her heart that one day her pray will be answered.. She still has faith that God has not for gotten her.. and that God is using this experience to show her His love and mercy that He has for her.. 

There is no way I can go back no matter how tired I get or how long the process is or if I’m never healed on this side.. it is for His divine glory that I live and breathe.. and no matter what I trust God to be God..

She put the cigarette down and knelt to pray..

The Original Me Ann

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2 thoughts on “She Just got Tried Part2

  1. Again my friend, I’ve been there too tired to call on God I was too ashamed and too tired. Beautiful, part 1 and part 2. Again you’re encouraging us to continue to pray and believe and have faith God is with us.


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