Speak Out

They say don’t talk about it.. don’t let know one know that you’re trying to get your Disability.. and for awhile I fell into that lie.. it’s crazy that we should keep to ourselves how the government is treating us..

It wasn’t my choice to become disabled.. to wake up one morning and no longer be able to do my job.. to no longer be able to sit, stand, and walk around comfortably.. I didn’t choose to have a life where I can’t bend and only use my left hand for short periods at a time.. I didn’t choose to now have to lay in bed two hours before I can start my day because that’s how long it takes the medicine to work.. Do you think I chose not to be able to go shopping by myself.. Do you think I chose not to be able to just get in my car and drive as long as I want.. Do you think I chose to just give up my job of twenty years.. to lose my job family..

Well to answer the SSD question no I didn’t.. This not the life I envision at fifty for me.. but here I am suffering from chronic pain and depression.. and because I have worked my whole life and pay into this government system yes I feel I deserve my money.. its not the governments money it’s OUR MONEY people who have worked their whole life and because our bodies and in some cases minds too have failed us instead of being treated like a person we are treated like an outcast..

We are made to wait two years just to see the Judge.. then another five months just for a decesion.. then we are turned down because if we can COUNT CHANGE their is nothing wrong with us.. or because we can go to the doctor who we have to see then because I was able to walk in there; there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with me..

People have lost everything they work so hard for because there bodies and failed them.. I’m talking about people who got up everyday and went to work because they believe in the system that was supposed to be there to HELP them when they needed it but instead has FAILED US and cost a lot of us everything we own..

The SSD system that’s set up to make you prove that your sick as you say.. the system that has your money that you faithfully gave them every pay check.. the system that wants us to be quiet and don’t talk about how we suffer hoping to be APROVED FOR OUR MONEY..



9 thoughts on “Speak Out

  1. I went through this with my brother who had multiple myeloma and was given two years to live. It is a degrading process that withholds the money you paid into the system and when my brother was finally approved, he only lived another 7 months. He wasn’t just disabled, he was dying.

    I wrote his Senator and my own too as well as emails to his Governor and the White House and every agency I could think of. We probably should have gotten a lawyer.
    Keep trying.

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    1. Thank you my friend.. I’m not giving up and I am so sorry for your loss.. The system makes no sense.. I have worked my whole life to for what.. But we must come together and speak out against a system that has failed us.. Again thank you my friend..


  2. Thanks for sharing your pain I felt every word. I hope these words of mine bring you some comfort and peace. I come to you in spirit and have found you, relax your mind and body, become weightless in mind and body. Let your lifes energy flow (spirit) and connect with the universe. I have scatica meditating with/out meds has given me some control. 👊👊

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    1. Think you for your kind words.. It’s a struggle but I have know that God is in control.. I am in the process of learning how to meditate.. again thank you 😊


  3. Hi ann, I feel what you’re going through because I went through a mental breakdown. I tried to keep quiet when I knew that I was sick and needed help. As you, I couldn’t get up in the morning. When I did I couldn’t dress myself because I couldn’t make up my mind what outfit to put on. I couldn’t set my alarm clock correctly to go off on time. When I got in my car I couldn’t remember where I was going or how to get there. My breakdown happened because I kept quiet and tried to maintain my pain with dignity. I finally went to Social Security and I broke down so bad in the office around other people. They took me in the back in a quiet room. They told me not to worry about anything that they would do everything for me. They did my paperwork the contacted my job they sent me to a psychiatrist and a psychologist it took six months and they paid me back pay. That was in the late 80s Everything Has Changed now it takes 8-10 years to get on Social Security disability but don’t give up it will happen. I had people tell me it was nothing wrong with me I was lazy and didn’t want to work. I had people tell me that I was faking. People don’t know what you’re going through and what you feel unless they have been there. I didn’t know that I can have a mental breakdown and forget how to take care of myself just for holding pain in trying to be strong for everyone else knowing I needed help and I know I’m a strong person it happens to the best of us. Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you so much.. I feel like giving up but I know that’s what they are waiting for me to do but I’m not.. It’s hard but I know that I worked for it and it’s not right because I’m sick and can’t work anymore.. God bless us all..


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