Things I Tell Myself

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The greatest love of all is that of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. The second greatest is the love for yourself.. that I Am That One and I believe it.. 

I tell myself that I deserve joy not just happiness.. that everything I am going through is for a divine God given purpose..

I tell myself that no matter how much pain I will greet everyone with a smile.. in spite of my sad day I will bring joy to someone..

I tell myself to move is painful but to sit is death.. I tell myself that I will not settle for    crumbs, bit and pieces of a man.. again I am that One..

That One that knows it is I who hold to my future.. I tell myself I am love and I draw love to love me.. I am beautiful inside and out not because of physical appearance but because my heart is a heart love, caring , enduring and giving first to myself and others around me.. I tell myself if I can’t give myself love , then I am no good to give or receive love.. 

I tell myself that I am my own cheerleader.. I am the one who will set the course as to what and who I will allow to come into my life..

I tell myself that I wish I had told my younger hey your gonna grow into your looks.. and one I would look in the mirror and say I AM CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF THE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH.. 

I tell myself that I AM THAT ONE..

The Original Me Ann


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2 thoughts on “Things I Tell Myself

  1. Beautiful, I tell myself I am a legend in my mind and I feel Legend. I try my best to live the life When I can’t afford the life. I dream a legend life. I breathe Legend and dress as one. When I walk into a room people want to know who I am I represent Legend the dream my dream is real in my mind heart and soul. See what you started?


    1. Legend, I do consider you to be a legend.. I thank you for your comment.. You are a great write and person.. I thank you so much for your friendship.. Stay Strong..


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