I felt this has truth to it so I wanted to reblog it..


“We are all in some mess .”At some point this year I decided I was going to stop writing articles. One of the reasons being that I haven’t figured everything out myself, and will never, but here I am telling(you) what to do or not do. There is this pressure, or should I say expectation from people when you’re giving advice–being so opinionated, like myself- that you should be somehow perfect,but they tend to forget that your experiences, most times, comes from a place of imperfection.

“Your experience stems from a place of weakness/imperfection.”

Yes, I might not have a successful relationship, but I have had a couple of failed ones to know a thing or two. Yes, I might not be financially liberated but I’ve been broke enough to know what actually keeps one broke. Yes I might not have it all together, but I know what the pieces…

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