7 thoughts on “I told her time out was over but she refused to get up.. I think she was mad at grandma.. What do you think..

  1. When my grandchildren check out like that. I sit down and I have a long conversation with them to get an understanding. I want to know what is going on in their mind and how they felt about time out or the punishment. Usually their feelings are hurt because they upset me. Some children try to be hard and hold a grudge against you but the only children that do that, they get it from their parents it’s nothing personal.

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    1. Sweetie she stubborn.. and believe me it was nothing personal or from her parents .. She is my Sunshine.. she just didn’t like being punished my grandma.. Thanks for the comments..


  2. Yes, my my 8 year old grand girl she can’t stand to upset me and tries to do her best to please me. But one day she got into my best expensive makeup bag and ruined it. She shut down on me and I couldn’t understand what was going through her mind. It took 3 days of punishment before I got her to talk. I found out she was so hurt that I was hurt and she finally apologized. She just likes makeup no one else in the family has as much makeup as her grandma so she went for it.

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    1. Thank you for always sharing with me that really means a lot.. My grand kids are 10 and below but they know that they can always come to grandma with anything.. their lil feelings are so real..


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