This blog is mainly dealing with mental illness awareness.. it also focuses on chronic pain and depression which I suffer from.. I want people to know that mental illness is not a curse it’s the same as being physical sick.. and we deserve the same treatment and respect..

I also focus on spirituality and the need for God in our lives.. I talk about current events around the world.. and once a month I try to feature a entrepreneur that I know are come across that’s doing something positive in the world..

I am always interested in your thought and comments.. so please feel free to leave them.. remember we are in this together to grow, learn and support each other..

I’m Ann.. A mother of three .. two young men and a lady.. A grandma of three grandsons ( my heart) .. I live in a quiet little town.. Where the whole city closed down when we get our once a year SNOW.. I hope you will fine my Blog helpful and useful.