imageThe craving want stop.. no matter how hard I try.. it’s a constant begging from my body to make the pain go away.. what do I say no you can’t have it, not today.. when the pain is so bad that it wakes me up.. craving something to make it go away..

When will the craving stop.. when will I be whole again.. I don’t know all I know is for now the craving is killing me..

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Another virtual Award 🥇 

Thank you guys so much.. it’s been a week to remember for me.. I have met some special people this week.. I set a goal to have a 100 followers by the end of December and guess what I meet that one too..Thank you to all my followers.. and I try to follow back.. I feel really bless.. 


imageI wrote a post earlier today call “Can You Help Me, Sista Gurl.. well I got likes on the post but I was really looking for answers.. I was hoping that someone who had experience this could help me.. right now I am lost.. my emotions are just all over the places.. and I was really needing some advice.. so since I don’t get the response I was looking for .. I will be reposting that one.. seriously if you have a chance read it and leave a comment please for me..

Oh yeah I’m sorry I have been blowing up everyone’s email today..

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Blog Update

imageHey Blogosphere.. I set a goal for the month of December to have a 💯 follower by the end of the month.. and I have met that goal today..

I am learning if you wanna be a great blogger.. it takes commitment and time.. with having all thing chronic with me.. and spending time with the grand babies.. I have been going back and forth to doctors.. trying to get some kind of relief in my back and legs..

So that has taken away from my writing as much.. but I am about to start back putting in more time.. because I find when I don’t write my emotions get all out of whack.. and I find myself sinking deeper into depression..

I say all this to say I don’t just want to be a blogger.. my goal is to be that blogger that people look for.. gives insight and wisdom into a life of depression or chronic pain.. that encourages you in the word of God.. and let you know we are all a work in progress.. yea I am gonna be that Blogger that learned all the ins and outs and passed it along to other bloggers..

I’ve been blogging going on four months.. so yea I am proud that I set small goals and I reach them.. this just my transformation journey from crawling out of a hole.. back into the light..

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It’s raining here for the third day.. I’m laying in bed beside my two loves Chunk Chunk and Bugg they are napping.. my back is hurting but that’s nothing new..

So moving on today I want to do my version of Meet and Greet.. In the spirit of Christmas.. I WANT YOU TO LEAVE A LINK OF ANOTHER BLOGGER.. WHOSE WORK YOU LIKE PEOMS, WRITTINGS, ART , ETC.. 

Leave their name and link in the comment box.. let’s spread some holiday cheer and help each other..


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Korean Elderly 

A Forgotten Generation: Half Of South Korea’s Elderly Live In Poverty

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April 10, 201512:22 PM ET

Heard on All Things Considered

 Elise Hu






Koreans — many of them elderly — line up to receive 500 won, or about 50 cents, from Shin Banpo Church in southern Seoul. Each week, organizers say, a few hundred seniors show up at each church that offers the service, and the line starts hours in advance.

Elise Hu/NPR

South Korea may be known for its high-tech advances, luxury skin care products and rapid economic rise, but these days, the generation largely responsible for all that growth isn’t faring so well. South Korea has the worst senior poverty rate among developed nations, and the options for seniors are slim.
On Thursdays, churches give out 500 won coins — equivalent to about 50 cents — to individuals who line up. Throngs of Korea’s seniors wait for hours to shuffle past church volunteers for small handouts and a juice box, or maybe a banana. Each week, organizers say, 300 to 500 seniors show up at each church, and the line starts hours in advance.
“There are a lot of people who don’t have anything else to do,” says Han Dal-yong, who is nearing 80 and spoke with NPR outside Nam Seoul Church in southern Seoul. “What are you going to do if you’re alone in the house? You might as well come out here.”
As much as many seniors need the cash, they also come for community. Loneliness can be as difficult to deal with as being poor.

South Korea’s Confucian tradition has weakened, and now elderly South Koreans increasingly live alone. In this photo from 2013, Kong Kyung-soon, a 73-year-old who lives alone, looks out of the door of her tiny rented apartment in Seoul.

Lee Jae-won/Reuters/Landov

Scenes like this are repeated over and over across South Korea, mostly organized by places of worship. Church leaders say they started their handouts in the late 1990s to help the homeless. But in recent years, those who show up are almost all retirees, some nearly 100 years old.
“Almost half the elderly people is poor in Korea. So really it’s a very serious problem,” says Ku In-hoe, a professor at Seoul National University who researches poverty issues.
Ku is citing a 2013 figure from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which ranked South Korea as having, by far, the highest rate of impoverished elderly among the 34 developed nations in the group.
“Before the 1990s, usually younger people supported their parents during their retirement age so it was not a serious problem. And at the time usually older people did not live long,” Ku says about the situation in South Korea. “But during the last 20 years, elderly people live longer, and younger people also experience economic difficulty.”
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Ethical Tradition Meets Economics In An Aging China

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Retiring on the Edge of Poverty in Rural America

It’s clear the Confucian tradition of younger generations taking care of their parents has faded. The last Korean Census showed an estimated one in three Korean seniors lives alone.
“If government helped the younger generation to support their parents, probably the situation can improve. But it’s not a realistic solution only to rely on children to support their elder parents,” says Ku.
While South Korea does provide a basic pension to retirees, it amounts to $200 a month, or just a quarter of the desired minimum amount needed for single households, according to the National Pension Research Institute Survey.
And the limited pension isn’t universal. Only about 35 percent of seniors receive one.
“Of course it’s not enough,” says Han, the man waiting in line for the 500 won handout.
He says he wishes senior citizens here lived a better life. Instead, he says, they feel forgotten by society.
And a larger crisis may be looming. South Korea’s birth rate is continuing to fall, which means these seniors are only becoming a bigger part of the population. Korean census numbers show seniors grew to 12 percent of the population in 2013 from 7 percent in 2000.
Without a clear solution in sight, people like Han say they’ll keep lining up, for 50 cents at a time.
Hae Ryun Kang contributed to this story. For a behind-the-scenes look at reporting from NPR’s newest East Asia bureau, check out our Tumblr.


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In My Blogging Feelings


I wasn’t gonna do a personal blog tonight as I’m not feeling well.. I have been in pain all day.. and I still had to watch the grand babies.. so I didn’t take any pain medicine.. well that’s not the reason the reason is I have none.. but that’s another blog for another day..

I wanted to talk about blogging.. and how my email is over run now by bloggers.. and I don’t mine .. well maybe a little..  my policy was to check my email, read post and do one of two things like and comment or just like it.. but I find myself reading post for bloggers who aren’t reading mine.. so the system I came up with is to go on my likes and comments.. and read those post and reply to them first.. out of 81 followers I have on a given day 7 true followers.. so I’m need to figure out how to have faithful followers like me..

Another thing I do is to follow back.. but I am finding everybody doesn’t do that either.. but I follow what interests me.. right now I feel I’m in a place of darkness with this depression and excuse my language this damn pain that I can’t get one freaking doctor to give a damn about me and my suffering.. so maybe that’s one reason I get followers but not readers.. or maybe the just wanting to grow their followers.. I don’t know..

Well at any rate.. I want to say I appreciate everyone who follows me.. but read, like, leave a comment.. sometimes I think this is a competition.. but not with me.. I have to much to release to compete.. 

If you have any thoughts I would like to hear them.. so feel free to drop by and sip some tea, coffee or pepsi..  whatever your beverage of choice is..


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