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Social Media the story of our lives.. I was thinking this morning as I got ready for church how much I miss Facebook.. but like I said it was taking up a lot of my time that I could be using to for other things like blogging.. 

Now I here you saying well it’s blogging social media.. Well yes, yes it is.. but when I started blogging I found people like me that wasn’t afraid to write about not having all together.. I found people writing about the latest fashion to people wrestling depression, with so many unresolved issues.. It help me to realize that what I share with Facebook probably want get a lot of likes because my audience consists of people who can not admit to they self that they don’t have it all together so of course if you keep it real they can’t possibly like your status.. I look at Facebook as Fakebook a lot of fake people pretending they have it all together.. you know the ones you friends on Facebook but when they see you at church they walk over you to speak to someone else that’s right Fakebook.. I think that’s all I have to say about that.. I hope I’m not sounding judgmental because I have no Heaven or hell to put anyone in.. Like I said they may never like your status but that doesn’t mean they don’t like or most of all can’t relate that’s the problem they can relate but it must remain there secret..

Now getting back to blogging when you live sickness beyond your control and you find the walls closing .. you for ways to exist to feel, to find someone anyone who can relate to you, who can feel your pain.. so you search out Social Media, well at least I did and I found the Blogosphere a world of so many different people all searching their stories and I became one them..

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Thoughts of us invade my mind.. even though we are old now far beyond our years of loving making.. but mind remembers a time..

A time when your lips tasted mine.. and the touch of your fingers made my spine tingle.. as we lay naked in each other arms before you made love to my body.. you first made love to my mind.. the words that you whispered in ear.. how beautiful my body was with all my battle scars of carrying three babies.. how every imperfection that I saw in me, you turned it into something beautiful..


Then as your lips touched mine.. and I ran my fingers through your hair.. as you lips move to my breast and a lite moan escapes my lips.. as I feel your manhood strong against my thigh.. my being aches for you needing you to be deep within it.. as my legs wrap high around your waist my being knows no pleasure like this.. every time seems like the first.. the first time we kissed, touched and held each other close.. the first time you took my being as wife and fifty years later.. all we can do is hold hands.. it still puts a spark in my being that craves my forever love..

The Original Me Ann..

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Straight to the point.. what if all we had been through and done was on display for the world to see.. would we then continue to walk with our heads high above our fellow man or would we be to ashamed to look anyone in the eye..

Don’t ever think because you can buy a pair of $100.00 shoes and not give it second thought that your skeleton are any better than anyone else’s..

Instead of walking around all proud and mighty maybe you should so a little humility.. and take the time to bow down and thank God that no one will ever know about your skeletons but you and God..

I say this to say that God truly as no respect of person and no matter what you acquire here if you cannot show love for your fellow man.. what good is it ..

The Original Me Ann..

The Day..

I had therapy today.. which really takes a lot out of me physical the drive but mentally and emotionally is worse than I think than the drive is.. I feel so drained.. I guess because therapy was emotional.. I apologize to my therapist for crying but of course he was like get all out..

I was gonna Blog about but I just decided today.. I’m not gonna think about the pain or the therapy .. I still believe in Jehovah now more than ever.. but anyway I’m gonna rest so my head can easy off.. and so I’m just gonna read so look for comments.. I remember when I was me Ann.. I could read  books all day.. then everything changed and stop reading, writing, watch television.. I just STOPPED.. okay I said I was gonna talk about it..

The therapist ask me have I reached the GIVEN UP STAGE.. I said No.. 

The Original Me Ann..

imageHe looks like he got caught.. he’s one of the reasons I can’t give up.. Stay strong..