His mom Whitney is a t-shirt sale all proceeds goes to Braxton’s medical cost and bills..


The Original Me Ann


No Words

When there no words left to say just bow and pray.. let the tears be your words for it is not us that prays but The Holy Spirit who prays through us..


I will be using the hashtag #BraxtonBethStrong on all my post there you should be able to find updates.. and of course I will keep you updated.. His mom name is Whitney.. She and I have never met.. but we became friends thru my sister and Facebook.. she endured cancer and beat it  two years ago..  so she knows the power of prayer.. she is the mother of two boys.. Braxton is the baby.. so please keep sending up prayers for this family..

The Original Me Ann, Perfectly Flaw



When You Pray

I am post this to the blogosphere.. in hopes that it will be shared with prayer warriors..


imageThis is lil Braxton please pray for him as if he was your grandson or child.. To God be all the glory for Braxton healing..

Again please share this so other warriors my pray..  The Original Me Ann

The Source

imageI used to be afraid to sit in quiet.. but today it feels nice to hear nothing but quiet.. I’m glad my son and the babies are gone.. so I can just rest and focus on me.. I’m not even gonna give the pain a voice today.. I will not let the depression settle in beside me either.. I feel good sitting here knowing God is in control of everything in our lives.. I know I get aggravated when I go to these doctors and listen to them diagnose me with blah, blah, but then Your peace always calms me down and I know everything is gonna be okay.. I just wanna say thank You Jehovah for always giving me strength to look beyond man and see the source of my strength.. You..

The Original Me Ann..

Morning Devotion

imageThis morning God I just wanna thank You for being the God of a second chance.. I love how You give us the power to over come the enemy.. You are such a forgiving God.. Who gives us new mercy everyday.. and no matter how many times we change on You.. You never change on us but stay true to Your divine word..

As we go about our day keep our minds from wondering on things of the world that we have no control over.. but let our focus be on You and Your power to answer our prayers.. and give You praise as we wait for answer.. for You Jehovah God will forever be in control.. no matter what it looks like to the natural eye.. let us also remember that this place is not our home.. we are just here for a visit as our heavenly home forever home awaits us..

Have a very blessed day..

The Original Me Ann..

Words can heal the Past

imageHoly Bible ~ Devotional “Words. They Become You”!

We all have a past, and in the world we live in, I wish I could say that everyone experiences a past full of wonderful memories with pictures of rainbows and roses. Unfortunately, this is not the majority of people’s past. I have found that the majority of the present plagues in life find their roots in the past and so many are unable to let go of it. One of the major weapons of the enemy is to use our past negative experiences to hinder the present and the future.

I have learned that in order to change my life, I must first change my mind about my life.

Unless you have something stronger and more powerful to replace the negatives in your life, it will always remain, and there is nothing more powerful and potent than God’s words.

It is God’s words that create a new picture or vision in our minds and the new pictures or visions then translate into words that we speak; thereby changing the whole trajectory of life.

Prolonged ignoring of past hurts opens the door to long-term bitterness, anger issues, health problems, un-forgiveness, and even hatred.

When you get free from negative words and opinions, and you replace them with God’s words, there will be no stopping you in fulfilling God’s purposes and plans for your life.

The ways we heal our past is by confronting it, accepting responsibility for it and then start speaking life into our future! God’s patterns are amazingly accurate, so it would do us a world of good to begin following them.

Prayer of Creative Words
Father, I come to you, today, recognizing my past, and I need your help in healing my past. I have not been able to move forward because I have refused to deal with my past. I have blamed everyone around me for the hurts and pains, but today, Lord, I am confronting my past with your help.