The Hangover

imageI wake up everyday morning with what I call the hangover headache.. do I drink of course that’s none of your business.. but the hangover I’m talking about is the Hangover Pill.. the pills I take so I can have some can of relief from the pain.. I think about the less of two evils.. cause chronic pain is one hell of a pain every second of the day.. and now to make matters worse I am having excruciating pain in lower right arm and yes I’m right handed..
Getting back to the Hangover Pill.. I went almost four years without any opioid.. but with no relief and my quality of life getting worse I decided to start taking them.. I do have relief from the pain but with that comes the headache, constipation and irritability.. the worse is the Morning Hangover.. it’s probably because I take a cocktail before I go to bed.. the muscles relaxer, sleeping pills, opioid and my anxiety pill.. I’ve never been one for drugs, maybe that’s part of the reason I didn’t push hard for pills sooner..
Now getting to the Hangover it’s awful.. it only last a couple hours.. so usually by the time I have showered the dizziness and staggering has gone.. and I’m only left with a headache until about noon.. try hard to be conscious of the feelings that I am having.. like am I waiting for the time to take it.. do I see changes in me when I take it, I’m only talking about the opioid.. I have only been on it a month but I’m scared that I will become addicted to it if I haven’t already.. I have read and listen to people talk about how it led to Heroin addiction and that is my biggest fear.. in order to experience some relief from the pain or will I become a statistics in the drug epidemic.. I doubt because I don’t like needles but we all know we can adapt to anything..
It is my goal to not become dependent on anyone or anything.. I will go more into that in my 2016 reflection..
Original Me..