Rain what is it about you that drains me of my energy.. what is about you that makes me content to be alone.. and at the same time snuggled up next to someone.. what is it about you Rain, that replenishes and refreshes even having the power to revive that which was dead.. what is it about you Rain, that makes people dance in it and seek cover at the same time.. what is it about you Rain that we wish to make love in.. as we seek to come out of the cold.. what is it about you Rain.. that’s makes me close my eyes and listen to your beautiful sound.. Rain I may never understand how you draw me into you.. on a hot summers day to cool me off.. Only you Rain can I love at one moment.. and hate the next.. On a day like today there is only you and I .. as I listen to you pound to the ground.. the sweet sound of Rain..


picture: pexel.com

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