Basketball Game

We all loved game when we were growing up.. well my grandson Kohen was so excited about his basketball game this morning until a coach from the other team started intimidating him.. which at first I didn’t understand what was going on.. I thought she was encouraging him but I noticed she a grown woman who is coaching the opposite team was constantly saying something to him..

I handled it like a grown up and spoke with his coach after the game that I was not pleased.. and it won’t be tolerated by me if it happens with her or any coach.. No grown up is gonna take the fun out of being a kid for my grandson.. and seriously you don’t wanna mess with these three.. You really don’t!!


The sad part is I thought a lot of this person that’s the most disappointing part.. I pray it doesn’t happen again with any coaches because I want be so nice.. and by the way these are 6 and under basketball team so what could he put have possibly been doing that the  rest of them wasn’t.. okay I’ve said my peace before I say to much..




The Original Me Ann..


I Think, Therefore I Blog

I have been feeling awful since I started taking Percocet for the pain.. and it’s not really helping the pain.. so I decided to just leave it alone..

Its like my depression is at a all time high which I didn’t expect it would be this bad.. but my mental chemical system is set up.. where as most people Percocet would make them feel high.. well for me it’s a downer but that’s with any simulators.. what a life right.. so anyway I’ll  go back to my Ibuprofen 800.. at least the headaches will go away and maybe my sleeping pill will start back working.. like I said I am still in constant pain anyway.. but enough of this..

Well as you know Christmas is fast approaching.. and Kohen has been play can I guess the presents under the tree.. which is funny because I have none of his present under the tree yet..but yet every thing he names is either for him or his brothers.. even the bags from bath and body..  but anyway here is how the rest of my evening went.. I find even when I wanna feel sorry for myself.. I don’t have time.. too busy being a Great Grandma..


Kohen at basketball practice.. another laughable season is upon us..

original me..