My Soul

imageMy soul is sad today.. I don’t know why.. tears streaming down like a river.. no one to call, no one to lay my head on.. no one to call my own.. you’d think by now I’d be used to it.. you’d think that I’d be strong enough to walk alone.. but I’m not.. I hate when it hits me and I can’t shake it off.. I hate being depressed and days like today when I don’t want to fight it.. when I wanna wrap up in it’s loneliness.. and let it cover me like my favorite blanket.. when I don’t want to breathe are hold on for anyone.. when I’ve encouraged everyone and I look around and theirs no one to encourage me.. and today the fight is to hard.. so I sit in my state of depression and pray that tomorrow will be a better day.. a day that I realize loneliness like everything else doesn’t last forever.. and dreams do come true.. and one day God will give me to some one to share my every- thing I am with..

The Original Me Ann..



Morning Devotion

My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwelling, and in quiet resting places (Isaiah 32:18).

We have everything we need when we take our focus off ourselves and focus on Him.. I know it’s not easy but let’s try it today.. whatever comes up focus on the peace of God..

The Original Me Ann..

Unpacking YourVictim Bags


Hey Sista, it’s me let drop some knowledge on you from Lisa Nichols book No Matter What.

When the Understanding Muscle is weak, we become a victim of our perceived injustices. We pack our Gucci bags full of coulda, shoulda, woulda, and why- “Why did this happen?-and unconsciously begin to drag them around with us. They become our permission slips to play it safe, which can really mean to stay stuck.

A crucial step in developing your Understanding Muscle is yo realize that the events in your past can’t be changed. They’ve already happened; you can’t wish them away, cry them away, ignore them away, or even pray them away. The only thing you can change is your understanding of them. Strengthening your Understanding Muscle allows you to begin not only to accept the past but even see that all that you’ve gone through, all that you’ve endured, had to happen exactly the way it did for you to become the person you are today.


Original me


I locked the door.. so I don’t know how it happened .. I checked the windows too.. and they we’re locked too.. so I don’t know how it happened.. but somehow it crept in even though I double check the locks.. I look around to find the source of any opening..

Then I remember the night.. I packed your stuff.. I told you to get out.. that I didn’t want to see you anymore.. I told you to leave and don’t come back..

I know I didn’t mean it .. because I waited for your call.. I listen for the sound of your text.. but I heard no familiar sound.. I even listen for your knock.. hope by some chance you come by..but to no avail you were gone..

I had close the door to love and locked the windows of every opportunity of finding it.. the moment I locked the door on love.. Bitterness crept into my heart.. with no warning at all..