Braxton Fight



Calling Warriors

imagePlease share this with every God fearing pray answering Believer that you know.. Please call out his name before the mighty God.. we know and believe that Jesus is on the throne making daily intercession for us.. So let’s lift this family up before the thrown of Grace..

The Original Me Ann..


His mom Whitney is a t-shirt sale all proceeds goes to Braxton’s medical cost and bills..


The Original Me Ann


No Words

When there no words left to say just bow and pray.. let the tears be your words for it is not us that prays but The Holy Spirit who prays through us..


I will be using the hashtag #BraxtonBethStrong on all my post there you should be able to find updates.. and of course I will keep you updated.. His mom name is Whitney.. She and I have never met.. but we became friends thru my sister and Facebook.. she endured cancer and beat it  two years ago..  so she knows the power of prayer.. she is the mother of two boys.. Braxton is the baby.. so please keep sending up prayers for this family..

The Original Me Ann, Perfectly Flaw