Hey Gurl, The Curse of Love

imageI read today how love was blind.. and from what I experience I find that to be true.. but I also know that you can’t help who you love.. Love can be blessing.. and also a curse.. I experienced high school love, college love, my forever love ( even though we are no longer together) that’s another story.. and I am now going through the curse of love.. what I thought love was.. I call it the curse of love.. no matter how we try to fake it we all crave it.. it’s what keeps some of us up at night.. the curse of love like everything else is hard to break.. because you want it so much .. you wanna curl up with it at night.. and wrap it around you all day long.. you wanna feel it’s embrace upon your lips.. and hold it in your hand months at a time.. it’s the curse of love that cause you to run out in the rain.. the curse of love that causes you to chase it down again and again hoping this time that he will do right.. it’s the curse of love crumbles your heart in a million pieces.. and you paste it back together again believing this time he is the one.. yeah the curse of love have taken a many down believing that their is no one else to be found.. so they break the curse of love by letting go of life itself.. the curse of love is broken .. the only way it could be broken and left without a trace.. but to no avail the curse of love moves on to the next victim..