God is..


No Words

When there no words left to say just bow and pray.. let the tears be your words for it is not us that prays but The Holy Spirit who prays through us..


I will be using the hashtag #BraxtonBethStrong on all my post there you should be able to find updates.. and of course I will keep you updated.. His mom name is Whitney.. She and I have never met.. but we became friends thru my sister and Facebook.. she endured cancer and beat it  two years ago..  so she knows the power of prayer.. she is the mother of two boys.. Braxton is the baby.. so please keep sending up prayers for this family..

The Original Me Ann, Perfectly Flaw



When You Pray

I am post this to the blogosphere.. in hopes that it will be shared with prayer warriors..


imageThis is lil Braxton please pray for him as if he was your grandson or child.. To God be all the glory for Braxton healing..

Again please share this so other warriors my pray..  The Original Me Ann

My Life..

imageBugg is picking out CoCo hair..

imageBugg giving Chunk Chunk a kiss..

imageCoCo showing off his art work..

These are my babies and I shall spend my remaining days in there company.. until they become well hell I guess forever.. for I shall never leave them…

The Original Me Ann..



Sometimes Happiness is found in the smallest moments..

I don’t know what I would do without them.. The oldest Kohen never wants to take pictures.. he told me I cheated but look at that smile.. and Bugg has run around naked just about all day.. and the baby Chunk Chunk is looking like he just got caught.. their dad just came and got them and their mom so my house is empty and quiet.. I miss them already..

I know first hand with depression it’s not easy and sometimes you wanna give up on life.. I still have nights that my son lays on the bed with me until I fall asleep.. days that it’s hard to fight.. but then I think what if I give up.. who’s gonna be grandma.. and with just a word make everything better well right now it’s a kiss.. so of course I gotta fight.. and everyday believe that this my day for healing..

The Original Me Ann..

Hey Lady


I can’t get you out of my thoughts.. especially when I’m not feeling good.. I try to think of your home remedies and use them.. beyond being sick physical I’m just feeling blah grandma..

I was teaching Drea how to make Lasagna and you just popped in my head.. how you use to love my Lasagna and then you started making your own and it was good too. Drea still mad cause I can’t make that beef and rice like you.. maybe one day I will get it right.. but it will never taste like yours..

I miss you so much Lady.. How could one woman have so many grandchildren and make them all feel special.. I don’t know how you didn’t but you did.. You were a nurse, doctor, psychologist, chef ,home maker, a wife , a mother of ten and numerous grandchildren and great grand.. and you loved us all.. I miss my best friend.. I miss the one who made it all better because you said it would be.. I love you Louise with all my heart..

The Original Me Ann..

Love Bugg Blog

imageMy Love Bugg did get to enjoy the snow before it melted.. it’s been a lovely relaxing day.. we took our nap a little too long today but we got up early for different reasons of course..

I guess the rest of the day will be blogging and reading post and my favorite commenting ..

The Original Me Ann..

Picture- Another Big Foot Moment


I feel it’s been a long day.. because my body is ready for bed.. Kohen is watching “Inspector Gadget” remember that show.. well before that he was working on his muscles.. so take a look at this.. goodnight Blogosphere wishing you a peaceful night rest and sweet dreams..



Original Me..

What’s in a Name

imageWhere are you.. why can’t I find you.. where have you gone.. why do you no longer answer to the name that made you strong.. why did you let it die.. don’t you know the name you was given was your strength.. was your ability to fight.. to stand and demand to be heard.. your name was your pride and joy.. it drew people to you.. and made you who are.. your name gave smiles too many.. even when the called you Angy.. you knew that Ann was there .. ready to fight for any done wrong.. many wanted you to let her go because they know what was in your name.. they’ve heard the stories and seen the battle scars.. afraid of no one near are far.. so where am I, you ask.. right here coming back from the grave .. buried beneath things that have made even me shame.. but no longer will I stay dead.. for I have come to know.. what’s in my name..

Ann is back.. so get ready .. some may say you sound crazy today.. Crazy no, I just know that I thought I buried Ann some almost four years ago.. but God has made me realize that she is still alive .. I just had to get her out the trash, dust her off and let some people go.. some will not understand this post.. but I’m know for sure too many will..

original me..

picture ~ Ann