My Day

Well it started off as normal as can be for me babies and kohen.. went for another injection in my back on my right side.. we’ll let’s just say this morning I was in tears.. my appointment was at 11:00 and they called me back on time .. but I had to lay there for 45 minutes before he came in by then I was in tears.. I still don’t know what’s going on with my upper back , neck and shoulders.. but I’m pressing on because Jesus is the reason for the season.. I’m trying to impress that on Kohen my oldest grandson.. yea the toys are great but this the day we set aside as Christ our Savior birthday.. so this year we are going to do.. “The Night Before Christmas ” and ” The Birth of Jesus.” So now it’s off to the doctor with my baby girl..

I’m running behind on emails and reading blogs but I’m but hopefully I will have time to put some reading and commenting in.. I love to comment especially when it touches my heart which is often.. Well Blogosphere wishing you a great day.. 


original me..



Blog Update

imageHey Blogosphere.. I set a goal for the month of December to have a 💯 follower by the end of the month.. and I have met that goal today..

I am learning if you wanna be a great blogger.. it takes commitment and time.. with having all thing chronic with me.. and spending time with the grand babies.. I have been going back and forth to doctors.. trying to get some kind of relief in my back and legs..

So that has taken away from my writing as much.. but I am about to start back putting in more time.. because I find when I don’t write my emotions get all out of whack.. and I find myself sinking deeper into depression..

I say all this to say I don’t just want to be a blogger.. my goal is to be that blogger that people look for.. gives insight and wisdom into a life of depression or chronic pain.. that encourages you in the word of God.. and let you know we are all a work in progress.. yea I am gonna be that Blogger that learned all the ins and outs and passed it along to other bloggers..

I’ve been blogging going on four months.. so yea I am proud that I set small goals and I reach them.. this just my transformation journey from crawling out of a hole.. back into the light..

original me

Nap Time 

One would think nap time would be after lunch like .. like it’s penciled in on my blog calendar.. but oh no, not today my living room looks like a tornado has gone through it.. and only one of them is walking.. but of course now they are sleeping like two little angels.. who would know by looking at them.. all I have been through today.. I don’t even wanna go in my living room.. who’s gonna clean it up.. but anyway here are the two partners in crime.. 

original me