They Came For Us Too


Hey sista gurl just wanted to drop some knowledge on you.. as you sit thinking your world is secure because of all the riches you have.. I’m here to tell you that a change is about to come.. So people get ready..

First they came for the Muslims  accusing them all of being terrorist.. and I sit and said nothing for I was not a Muslim..

Then they came for the Hispanic to separate families and build a wall.. I didn’t speak out because I was not an Hispanic.. 

Then they came for the Indian to take what little sacred land they had left.. to run pipe lines through it.. and I didn’t speak out because I was not an Indian..

Then they came for me- to return me to a land I knew nothing of.. and there was no one left to speak for me..

This is I hope what you call a  rendition of  Niemoller poem First They Came.. at least I hope that’s what rendition is .. as I don’t want to plagiarize..

It made think what if they do come for our brothers and sisters.. will we sit idly by until it’s our turn.. Today is the day to be watchful for others.. to put a plan into action..

original me