Thank You

I am very excited because of this.. I thank you for letting me get my pain out.. for finding people just like me.. even though this is something we love.. it’s not easy to bare your soul.. but thank for your support..



Something To Sip On

imageI remember being in the tenth grade.. and I had photography.. well I was in there with this white guy I thought was cute and nice and when the teacher would go in the dark room to help other students develop pictures.. Anthony that ways his name would let comb his hair and put all kind of crazy styles in it.. I wonder to this day what he is doing.. it’s just amazing that it was never no Angela you can’t touch me because you’re black.. don’t get me wrong we did have some racists people at our school.. with us we just saw each other as Angela and Anthony..

Angy Update

I read in the news where a little boy told his teacher.. his mom and daddy give them happy juice to go to sleep.. so the teacher ask him more about it and he told her they give them a shot.. I forgot the ages of the kids but I think the oldest was 5 or 6 and the youngest two months.. well when the police goes to the house to investigate.. they find rat feces all over the floor and needles.. they had been given those babies herion.. they had been investigated over 25 times..and yet they still had their kids.. how is that possible.. oh God it breaks my heart to know innocence children suffer at the hands of the ones that supposed to protect them..

Well my daughter surgery went well.. we are finally home and she is resting.. I pray this works so she can get back to being a normal 20 year old..

Now I have to say this.. I told my son .. I will be accomplished when Sensei reblogs one of my blogs.. well today it happened.. and yes I am so happy.. Thank you Jason.. .. I am so honored.. and I had the most likes on one my blog today.. well this what I call Angy Update Blog..

Meet Angy