imageI wrote a post earlier today call “Can You Help Me, Sista Gurl.. well I got likes on the post but I was really looking for answers.. I was hoping that someone who had experience this could help me.. right now I am lost.. my emotions are just all over the places.. and I was really needing some advice.. so since I don’t get the response I was looking for .. I will be reposting that one.. seriously if you have a chance read it and leave a comment please for me..

Oh yeah I’m sorry I have been blowing up everyone’s email today..

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When I Need Help in Tough Times

Dear Lord, I look to You to be all the help I  will ever need. Even though I see no other help on the horizon, I will not be afraid or concerned. Even though I may not see a way out, or a good solution to certain problems, I know You do. So I will keep my eyes on You. For You are the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, so I know You are well able to create solutions to my problems. I praise You and thank You that nothing is to hard for You. –Stormie Omartian

I will lift up my eye to the hills; from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.   Psalm 121:1-2

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Unpacking YourVictim Bags


Hey Sista, it’s me let drop some knowledge on you from Lisa Nichols book No Matter What.

When the Understanding Muscle is weak, we become a victim of our perceived injustices. We pack our Gucci bags full of coulda, shoulda, woulda, and why- “Why did this happen?-and unconsciously begin to drag them around with us. They become our permission slips to play it safe, which can really mean to stay stuck.

A crucial step in developing your Understanding Muscle is yo realize that the events in your past can’t be changed. They’ve already happened; you can’t wish them away, cry them away, ignore them away, or even pray them away. The only thing you can change is your understanding of them. Strengthening your Understanding Muscle allows you to begin not only to accept the past but even see that all that you’ve gone through, all that you’ve endured, had to happen exactly the way it did for you to become the person you are today.


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Is It Okay To Ask

imageWell we have made it through one holiday.. with extended family and friends.. full of happiness and cheer.. are was it..

Is it okay to ask.. How are you doing really.. how is the depression.. how are you feeling.. do you have someone you can talk too.. that you trust to listen to you.. and not judge your feelings.. or try to justify how you are feeling.. or try to make you feel differently..

Is it okay to ask.. what happened to you.. how did you know this depression was different.. what were the signs.. did you just start feeling different.. was it him or her that cause it.. are you taking medication for it..

Is it okay to ask.. what can I do to help..


Yes it’s okay to ask .. how can you help.. Depression is a sickness especially chronic depression just like diabetes, heart attacks.. it is not just sadness that passes in a day or two.. it is lost of interest in normal activities and relationships.. it is staying in bed all day.. it’s crying all day, believing that you have become an existence.. instead of a life.. it is a feeling of hopelessness.. a place of darkness in your mind..

What it is not .. lack of faith in God.. it’s not for attention.. it’s not a magic pill to make it go away.. it’s not laziness.. it’s not you just don’t want be happy.. it’s something to be ASHAMED OF.. it happens to the best of us from the richest to the poorest.. we are not crazy just like the body gets sick.. so does the mind..

Yes I am an activist for Mental Illness.. I want people to know that their is help.. I want people to not be ashamed to say.. I’m sick in my mind.. or I feel sad and it want go away.. I’m having trouble concentrating.. I have insomnia or I am sleeping to much.. I can’t get out of bed..


I want people who know someone that is suffering with Chronic Depression.. to take time to ask them about their depression.. just like you would ask someone about cancer.. be just as concerned about them as you would any sick person.. Stop making us feel ashamed to say.. I’m suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia, paranoia and post traumatic stress disorder and many other mental illnesses.. help us to not be ashamed to get the help we need.. NO MORE LIVING IN SILENT.. Yes It’s Okay To Ask.. The question is it okay for me to tell you without judgement..

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