imageI guess I have been a ghost today.. trying to finish up Christmas shopping.. my oldest son and I went because he pays attention to my facial expressions.. and knows how painful it is for me for walking and standing.. I am so grateful for that young man.. he always manages to make me laugh at myself..

Life is so strange.. the very person you want to hate.. you find yourself thinking of them.. and you find yourself having feelings that you don’t want to have.. but all you can do is realize.. nothing happens in a day or even a week for that matter.. it’s like grieving over someone you lost.. that you invested so much time to.. only to hear all you are to me is my friend.. and on a goodnight you can be my Bitch.. to hear I would never abuse anyone like that.. not anyone but especially not you.. it was all a big misunderstanding.. and I’m sorry..

Yes life is strange but what I am I gonna do.. I refuse to lay down and give up on true love coming to me.. yeah I’ll patiently wait to be unwrapped because I am theĀ Gift..

original me..



Well I got this off Pinterest.. as you can see to help motivate me and I said why not share it on the blogosphere.. so here it is.. with me I was so use to fast weight lost.. I loved myself a diet pill but the problem with that without exercises.. are once I stopped exercising the weight came back..

imageI hope this will help me out thru the holidays.. especially the exercise part but I’m gonna push myself to walk everyday.. I started before by just taking it slowly.. and even breaking it up.. depending on how bad my back and legs were hurting.. I haven’t walked in three months for exercise.. when the grand babies came I got side tracked.. I know I can do it.. because I got to lose 30 lbs in 6 months.. and that’s more than achievable.. It’s just the getting started back like anything else is the hardest.. but I got to be right for the big 50.. yeah I’m gonna be talking about that a lot ..

I should have never stopped.. I would already be at my weight goal.. and just be exercising to maintain and get stronger.. oh well whatcha gonna do.. but get started ANGY..

original me