My Life..

imageBugg is picking out CoCo hair..

imageBugg giving Chunk Chunk a kiss..

imageCoCo showing off his art work..

These are my babies and I shall spend my remaining days in there company.. until they become well hell I guess forever.. for I shall never leave them…

The Original Me Ann..



Transformation Tip

I think this more of a personal transformation.. I started my Blog late September but I didn’t get serious about until October.. I write a lot of personal stories.. and for some reason I always seem to write in the first person even when it’s not about me.. maybe because I speak from my heart.. I don’t really know.. but when I write I want people to know that “hey someone is hurting just like me.. that they are not alone in the struggle.. and most of all that we will probably never meet but that I care about what they are going through.. and I feel their pain be mentally or physically but we must try to find some joy in this life.. and if we believe in Jesus as our Savior then one day we will be free from all our pain and sorrow.”

I’m not here for just the likes or comments but like I said before they are very nice.. but it help to get your feelings out where no one is judging you.. and you can blog about anything on any given day..

I just wanted to share what I accomplished in three and a half months.. and I am looking to have a blessed 2017.. 

Original Me..