imageWhen I think of all the things I could say.. why is goodbye so hard to say.. The life you have shown me has been nothing but pain.. A life of doubt and fear.. afraid to be me and shine like the star that I am.. I wanna say goodbye to the excuses you make and the late night phone calls.. I wanna say goodbye to the text messages.. and the one sided love affair.. goodbye to the feelings of lost and abandonment.. goodbye to the heartache of needing more and getting less.. so why is it so hard to say goodbye to something I never had in the first place.. so I’m letting go of the why.. and I’m letting go and saying goodbye.. goodbye to you and hello to me .. hello to a life of happiness..


Original Me..


What Can I do

imageWhat can I do .. what can I say.. it’s beyond hope for me.. another victim of this thing called love.. I’ve tried so hard to fight it but looks like it’s still here.. a feeling most days I can’t describe.. a feel of hopeless.. yet a feeling of passion.. a feeling of I don’t want to thing about him.. but yet he consumes my every thought.. it’s a feel of holding and letting go at the same time.. a feeling of loving him and hating him at the same time .. what can I do put pray that the day will come when I will be free.. to love another as hard as I love him..