Morning Devotion

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path (Proverbs 3:5-6).

All we can do is trust God.. remember He is the only one that knows the end to the beginning.. When we acknowledge Him as head of our lives.. it doesn’t guarantee a perfect life for us.. in fact look for it to get worse before it gets better but also look for His hand carrying you on your most difficult days..

Morning Devotion

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free (Luke 4:18).

I was thinking how Jesus came to set the prisoners free.. and I thought about the things that hold us captive in our mind.. some of us are held captive due to no fault of our own.. but some of us are held captive by the past and living it over and over again in our mind.. we are prisoners of people that have long forgotten about us and things that we have lost.. we are a prisoner of our dreams of regrets..

So today if you are a prisoner of your mind .. just know that through prayer and faith in Jesus.. you can be set free it’s already been done for us.. Just release it to Him..

The Original Me Ann..


imageTonight is gone with all its possibilities .. the possibility of you holding my hand.. are caressing my face.. the possibility of lay my face in your hand to feel your strength.. the possibility of the first kiss, the first touch.. the possibility of the long embrace of smelling your cologne.. the possibility of tasting your full size lips.. yes the possibility is gone of ever having you love a woman such as me..

The Original Me Ann..


Transformation Tip

imageI thought these would be great ideals to incorporate through out our day.. and also can be used as affirmation..


The Original Me Ann..

Love Bugg Blog

imageMy Love Bugg did get to enjoy the snow before it melted.. it’s been a lovely relaxing day.. we took our nap a little too long today but we got up early for different reasons of course..

I guess the rest of the day will be blogging and reading post and my favorite commenting ..

The Original Me Ann..

Picture- Another Big Foot Moment

Morning Devotion

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

imageWe got some snow last night we are always excited when this happens because it rarely happens here’s.. I can’t wait for the grand babies to see it..

The Original Me Ann..


imageSome people will never understand why you move the way you do.. how you walk with limp and from  dragging so many bags on your back.. how those bags had you bent down to the ground.. how a normal persons back would have broken.. but not you.. know you cradle on through the hurt and pain..

One day you began to unload your bags.. you started to dig around and what you found was nothing but rags.. the things you held on too no longer exist.. see he or she died long ago.. and they left you the shell of the person you used to be.. they thought they won for even from the grave they still had you bound.. still crying and mourning over what could have been.. so many were the bags that they but a strain on your back.. bent from the shame and abuse, from love that left you black and blue.. tears you cry are no longer needed.. don’t you know they didn’t deserve you..

So unpack your bags I say, and burn those rags.. for out of ashes comes your freedom to stand up straight.. yes walk proud of your limp.. for it will forever be a reminder of all you went through.. but YOU DID NOT BREAK.. Yes with ashes comes beauty and that Beauty is YOU..

Original Me Ann..


Toxic Fumes

imageThis is a year to be toxic free.. I will not breath in your bad energy, your bitterness, rage, your low self esteem of me .. I will not breath toxic fumes of less than a woman in your eyes.. I will let go of every toxic fume that you have ever touched my body with.. I will not remember your toxic lips on mine are how you took what wasn’t yours.. I will remember no more the vision of you and the hope of us.. for from the the beginning your presence in my life was nothing more than Toxins.. but was just to weak to see it.. but now I stand tall as I write these finial words to you.. so this is not farewell or I wish you the best.. it is a testament of Me and how strong I can be.. it is me walking out and not looking back.. it is saying goodbye to the pain and all it’s toxic fumes..

I release all toxic fumes of you from my life.. and starting today I am free to Breath in All that is Me.. free to truly be the Original Me..

Original Me..

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The Hangover

imageI wake up everyday morning with what I call the hangover headache.. do I drink of course that’s none of your business.. but the hangover I’m talking about is the Hangover Pill.. the pills I take so I can have some can of relief from the pain.. I think about the less of two evils.. cause chronic pain is one hell of a pain every second of the day.. and now to make matters worse I am having excruciating pain in lower right arm and yes I’m right handed..
Getting back to the Hangover Pill.. I went almost four years without any opioid.. but with no relief and my quality of life getting worse I decided to start taking them.. I do have relief from the pain but with that comes the headache, constipation and irritability.. the worse is the Morning Hangover.. it’s probably because I take a cocktail before I go to bed.. the muscles relaxer, sleeping pills, opioid and my anxiety pill.. I’ve never been one for drugs, maybe that’s part of the reason I didn’t push hard for pills sooner..
Now getting to the Hangover it’s awful.. it only last a couple hours.. so usually by the time I have showered the dizziness and staggering has gone.. and I’m only left with a headache until about noon.. try hard to be conscious of the feelings that I am having.. like am I waiting for the time to take it.. do I see changes in me when I take it, I’m only talking about the opioid.. I have only been on it a month but I’m scared that I will become addicted to it if I haven’t already.. I have read and listen to people talk about how it led to Heroin addiction and that is my biggest fear.. in order to experience some relief from the pain or will I become a statistics in the drug epidemic.. I doubt because I don’t like needles but we all know we can adapt to anything..
It is my goal to not become dependent on anyone or anything.. I will go more into that in my 2016 reflection..
Original Me..