Basketball Game

We all loved game when we were growing up.. well my grandson Kohen was so excited about his basketball game this morning until a coach from the other team started intimidating him.. which at first I didn’t understand what was going on.. I thought she was encouraging him but I noticed she a grown woman who is coaching the opposite team was constantly saying something to him..

I handled it like a grown up and spoke with his coach after the game that I was not pleased.. and it won’t be tolerated by me if it happens with her or any coach..¬†No grown up is gonna take the fun out of being a kid for my grandson.. and seriously you don’t wanna mess with these three.. You really don’t!!


The sad part is I thought a lot of this person that’s the most disappointing part.. I pray it doesn’t happen again with any coaches because I want be so nice.. and by the way these are 6 and under basketball team so what could he put have possibly been doing that the ¬†rest of them wasn’t.. okay I’ve said my peace before I say to much..




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