A Prayer

imageAs I sit sipping my coffee.. yesterday was a disappointment to a lot of people.. and it really got me thinking.. how can anyone be allowed to run for the highest office of the United State.. without any qualification the more I thought about it the crazier it sounds… but with that being said I can no longer give this election my energy and time.. I will say this it shows us what is truly in the heart of America..

Moving on I wanted to encourage myself in the word of God.. I hope it helps you also..

“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?” (Exodus 15:11) How great are You God.. How holy are You Father.. How merciful are You to Your children.. You rain down blessing after blessing upon us.. You give us so much that we do not deserve.. You give us love and most of all Your peace.. If we seek Your face, You Father will guide us and lead us on the right path.. You Father regin in power and love.. You Father forgive us our sins day after day.. You Father are such and awesome Father,that You provide for Your children and their children.. like You did yesterday and today.. Father You are our strength and our song .. You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings.. Your presence inhabits the earth.. Thank You for blessing us and keeping us safe in Your loving arms.. for that we say How Great is our God.. Thank You Father that nothing can separate us from your love..


Election 2016

I don’t want to think about the election tomorrow.. my grandson is excited about going with me.. but I’m not excited in the least.. I never thought I would want to set out and election.. but I can’t let myself down..no matter how dissatisfied I am with both candidates.. I will vote because my ancestors went through to much for us not to vote..

Regardless of who wins .. I know God is still in control of this world.. ” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all the ways acknowledge him, and He will direct thy path. ( Proverbs 3:5-6)

I really can’t believe that this the United States.. I never thought we would still be fighting racism 2016 like this.. I think about my babies born from two different races.. I think about my caucasian grandson who came running in the apartment saying grandma he called me a gger .. and I told him that’s not your name and don’t answer to it.. in all these years nothing has changed.. we still fighting the same fight¬† ignorance..¬†

I want the world to be a place of free love.. where we don’t look at skin color.. only the inside of person.. where it’s okay to be happy in the skin I’m in.. but most of all I want my grand kids to be free to love any girl they want.. I want them to live anywhere they wanna live.. and be educated and get their dream job because their hard work paid off.. and I want them to know no matter what.. when they are at their lowest.. always turns to God because God is always up to something for our good..