He Is There


No Strength Left

Today has been a bad day.. my grandma has been gone six years.. and it’s been almost five years since my health has failed me..

I feel just giving up because no one understands the pain and depression.. they want to project their feelings as my feelings but I am chronically depressed because of this damn chronic pain.. I’m tired of popping pills that barely touch the pain..

Three weeks ago I took some morphine pills in hope to go to sleep and not wake up.. I could not hold on for my kids, my grand babies or family but I reached out to my family (sister) .. I let my daughter down but I was so tired of everything and my strength was gone and all I could do was cry out to God ..

I know that if I ever attempt it again it will be my last.. I will have lost the fight for myself and my family.. I don’t think it’s the weak who commit suicide but the strong who one day for one second have no strength left to fight..

I pray I will stay strong..

The Original Me Ann

When You Pray

I am post this to the blogosphere.. in hopes that it will be shared with prayer warriors..


imageThis is lil Braxton please pray for him as if he was your grandson or child.. To God be all the glory for Braxton healing..

Again please share this so other warriors my pray..  The Original Me Ann

Morning Devotion

imageThis morning God I just wanna thank You for being the God of a second chance.. I love how You give us the power to over come the enemy.. You are such a forgiving God.. Who gives us new mercy everyday.. and no matter how many times we change on You.. You never change on us but stay true to Your divine word..

As we go about our day keep our minds from wondering on things of the world that we have no control over.. but let our focus be on You and Your power to answer our prayers.. and give You praise as we wait for answer.. for You Jehovah God will forever be in control.. no matter what it looks like to the natural eye.. let us also remember that this place is not our home.. we are just here for a visit as our heavenly home forever home awaits us..

Have a very blessed day..

The Original Me Ann..

Words can heal the Past

imageHoly Bible ~ Devotional “Words. They Become You”!

We all have a past, and in the world we live in, I wish I could say that everyone experiences a past full of wonderful memories with pictures of rainbows and roses. Unfortunately, this is not the majority of people’s past. I have found that the majority of the present plagues in life find their roots in the past and so many are unable to let go of it. One of the major weapons of the enemy is to use our past negative experiences to hinder the present and the future.

I have learned that in order to change my life, I must first change my mind about my life.

Unless you have something stronger and more powerful to replace the negatives in your life, it will always remain, and there is nothing more powerful and potent than God’s words.

It is God’s words that create a new picture or vision in our minds and the new pictures or visions then translate into words that we speak; thereby changing the whole trajectory of life.

Prolonged ignoring of past hurts opens the door to long-term bitterness, anger issues, health problems, un-forgiveness, and even hatred.

When you get free from negative words and opinions, and you replace them with God’s words, there will be no stopping you in fulfilling God’s purposes and plans for your life.

The ways we heal our past is by confronting it, accepting responsibility for it and then start speaking life into our future! God’s patterns are amazingly accurate, so it would do us a world of good to begin following them.

Prayer of Creative Words
Father, I come to you, today, recognizing my past, and I need your help in healing my past. I have not been able to move forward because I have refused to deal with my past. I have blamed everyone around me for the hurts and pains, but today, Lord, I am confronting my past with your help.






When I Need In Tough Times

Lord, I worship You above all things. I praise You and proclaim that You are Lord over everything in my life. Thank You that You are more powerful than any of life’s storm that I must walk through. I ask You to help me in my situation I am in now and the difficult things I face. I pray that You will give me the desires of my heart concerning these situations. Thank You, Lord, that when I cry out to You, You hear my prayers and will answer. Stormie Omartian

“She came and worshiped Him, saying, Lord help me!” Matthew 15:25

original me

Becoming A More Loving Person


Love is probably the most misunderstood word in the world. Part of the problem is that we use this one word to describe many things. We water down its meaning by overuse. I love my wife. I love America. I love pizza. I love my dog. I love you. I would love to have my back rubbed. We use the word love in so many different ways that it has literally lost its meaning.

Giving or receiving love is difficult when we don’t even understand what it is. Most people think love is a feeling- a sentimental knot in the stomach, a quiver in the liver, an ocean of emotion. True, love does produce feelings, but it is more than a feeling. How often we rely on our feelings and let our feelings motivate us to do all kinds of things we might not normally do.

Another misconception is that love is uncontrollable. Have you ever said, “I feel in love”- as if you had tripped. We assume that love can’t be controlled. We talk as if love is uncontrollable, but the Bible says love is controllable. Jesus commands that we love others. His words indicate that we do have control over whom we love and whom we do not love.

Love is at the core two things. First, it is a matter of choice. The Bible says, “Over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”(Col. 3:14). Notice those two little words “put on”. Love is something we choose to have. If it were a feeling, we could not command it. But we can command a choice, and love is a choice. It is controllable.

The Bible also says that love is Matter conduct. Love is something we do- an action, not a feeling. The aspostle John expressed it this way: “Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth” (1 John 3:18).

Love is more than words and more than feelings. The Greeks had four words to differentiate different types of love: storage, which means natural affection; eros, which means sexual attraction; philia, which means emotional affection or friendship; and agape, which means unconditional, giving, sacrificial love. When the Bible speaks of God’s love for us and the kind of love we are to have for Him and for other people, the word is always agape, signifying a commitment to act.

Rick Warren