The Courage to Start


This my Friday feature Artist..

My name is Andrea Grimes. I am a wife and mother; who has became ambitious about following my dreams and living life to the fullest. I enjoy running and the water. I am also living the plant base lifestyle. I have enjoyment in following my dreams for crafting, decorating and making products such as pillows, bags, seasonal wreath, glittering frames and bows.

I can be reached on Facebook at AG Home Inspires or Instagram ag_inspires

I have always been a self starter not sure if it comes from me being an only child and not having anyone to play with besides make believe friends and Barbie dolls. I’m a creative and imaginative person who loves trying new and different things although in my younger years I was very shy (still am at times) and withdrawn about people.

A couple years ago I wanted to make a change in my life by getting out of my comfort zone and learned to swim. So I signed up for a free adult class conquering my fear of the water was one of my Greatest challenges and I wanted to learn everything there was especially the proper techniques. We learned the different strokes, building endurance and jumping in 10ft of water. Looking back I’m so glad I took the chance! It gave me courage to face not only the water but to face difficult challenges by drawing from that experience. Once I got the swimming down I wanted to go further and noticed that a local Paddle Boarding company was offering classes on the lake so I took the chance and signed up. Pushing past my hesitation and getting out of my comfort zone it was a awesome experience and got a chance to meet some really nice people.
Last Sept. a coworker heard about my experience and wanted to join me the next time I went so we made the arrangements and an once again I was out of my comfort zone on the lake! We had a blast!! If I had never taken the swim class I would have missed out on these wonderful life experiences. So glad I did and looking forward to a new water adventure in 2017 because I can!

Which brings me to my next goal that I am so proud of my love for decorating. I’ve always liked to decorate my home and add new things here and there . Decorating for the seasons following up on the trends and just seeing what’s out there I really a passion of mine. But I’ve noticed that somethings I can’t quit find what I’m looking for or want it to look a certain way. So one day I toyed around with the idea of making my own things and doing some research and noticed a local college offered a sewing class but it kept getting cancelled due to lack of participation. So I looked in the phone book and called a local seamstress just to see what would happen, again getting out of my comfort zone and drawing from conquering my fear of the water if I can do that certainly I can sew: She said YES!!! J

I’ve been sewing only few months but am realizing a dream of mine is to have my very own products! I have to admit sometimes it can be frustrating but what drives me is the finished product and having others appreciate and support my work. I love making decorative pillows, cosmetic bags and wristlets . I know this is only the beginning for me because the dream won’t leave me alone. Whenever I want to doubt myself or get discouraged I recall the first day getting into the pool feeling that fear and how it is nonexistent today.



So no matter what you hope to accomplish in life just make some sort of a start whether it be large or small its still a start!

Written by Andrea Grimes

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