Transformation Tip

I’m back on the ACV after two months of being off it.. I can already tell a change in my appetite .. I’m walking as much as my back and legs will hold up.. remember to go at your on peace especially when dealing with chronic pain..


I did an experiment with three different types of Organic Apple Cider Vingar.. you here a lot about Bragg but I didn’t think it was that great in cutting my appetite or cleaning out my system.. Simply Nature was okay but I still felt something was missing as far as cleaning out your system and controlling my appetite for a longer time.. The one I like the best is Organic Great Value it did a great job of cleaning out my system.. the cost was cheaper or about the same but as you can see you get more for the money.. and yes I will use the Simply Nature to.. but a word of advice when trying something new only buy one even if it is on sale to see how it works for you.. also I drink mine with just water but you can add honey or lemon..

The Original Me Ann..



Well I got this off Pinterest.. as you can see to help motivate me and I said why not share it on the blogosphere.. so here it is.. with me I was so use to fast weight lost.. I loved myself a diet pill but the problem with that without exercises.. are once I stopped exercising the weight came back..

imageI hope this will help me out thru the holidays.. especially the exercise part but I’m gonna push myself to walk everyday.. I started before by just taking it slowly.. and even breaking it up.. depending on how bad my back and legs were hurting.. I haven’t walked in three months for exercise.. when the grand babies came I got side tracked.. I know I can do it.. because I got to lose 30 lbs in 6 months.. and that’s more than achievable.. It’s just the getting started back like anything else is the hardest.. but I got to be right for the big 50.. yeah I’m gonna be talking about that a lot ..

I should have never stopped.. I would already be at my weight goal.. and just be exercising to maintain and get stronger.. oh well whatcha gonna do.. but get started ANGY..

original me