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Be careful to keep renewing your mind least you fall back into what you have been delivered from..

Don’t fool yourself it’s a everyday of building yourself up.. of telling yourself that you’re perfectly loved by the Perfect Jehovah God.. 
You must believe “you must believe that You are that One.. and most of all love yourself.. it’s transformation of your mind your greatest weapon..

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Social Media the story of our lives.. I was thinking this morning as I got ready for church how much I miss Facebook.. but like I said it was taking up a lot of my time that I could be using to for other things like blogging.. 

Now I here you saying well it’s blogging social media.. Well yes, yes it is.. but when I started blogging I found people like me that wasn’t afraid to write about not having all together.. I found people writing about the latest fashion to people wrestling depression, with so many unresolved issues.. It help me to realize that what I share with Facebook probably want get a lot of likes because my audience consists of people who can not admit to they self that they don’t have it all together so of course if you keep it real they can’t possibly like your status.. I look at Facebook as Fakebook a lot of fake people pretending they have it all together.. you know the ones you friends on Facebook but when they see you at church they walk over you to speak to someone else that’s right Fakebook.. I think that’s all I have to say about that.. I hope I’m not sounding judgmental because I have no Heaven or hell to put anyone in.. Like I said they may never like your status but that doesn’t mean they don’t like or most of all can’t relate that’s the problem they can relate but it must remain there secret..

Now getting back to blogging when you live sickness beyond your control and you find the walls closing .. you for ways to exist to feel, to find someone anyone who can relate to you, who can feel your pain.. so you search out Social Media, well at least I did and I found the Blogosphere a world of so many different people all searching their stories and I became one them..

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I think it was said said on twitter that you can’t want change but never make it.. Change is all around us, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.. and eventually we learn to live with change..

I myself recently made some changes like turning fifty and coming into all this knowledge it sounds crazy but it’s true..

Things I lost along the way.. I have found again.. Like I would rather be alone than to accept crumbs from a man.. Things I wish that young girls knew like how beautiful they are.. how precious we are in the sight of God.. that there is no need to fight and beg for crumbs from undeserving guy.. That like me you to hold the key to your happiness..

I was encouraged to take three months just for me, to learn me and most of all fall in love with me again.. and it’s not easy because I face a lot of challenges.. but if I have learned one thing it’s to keep my focus on Jesus.. and the I believe what the word of God say “I am the Apple of His Almighty Jehovah God eye and I push on.. in being confident of this I Will NOT BEG FOR CRUMBS.. No matter how bad I feel I tell myself I am that ONE..

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imageI hate gloomy days because it brings out my feelings even worse.. I loved to say after all he’s done to me that I’m over him.. I’d love to say that I don’t give him a second thought but most days he’s my only thought.. I’d love to say that I hate him and mean it but I’m not capable of hating him or anyone.. I’d love to say that I am a better woman because of him.. I’d love to say that being with him made me feel whole again.. I’d love to say that he lifted my depression and took away my pain.. but I’d only be lying because he did none of those things.. I’d love to say he was an artist in the bedroom and was his greatest creation but again I’d only be lying to myself and you .. I’d love to say that he help me blossom into a beautiful flower or a butterfly.. but again he did none of those things.. I’d love to say that when he left I was better for it.. but I wasn’t I just wanted to lay down and die.. I’d love to say that I never gave him control over me but again it would only be a lie..

What I can say is I’m still here.. still praying.. still fighting to let go of a one sided relationship that left me more depressed and devastated.. I think his goal was to control what life I had.. and even now he still tries but I’ve decided that he’s not worth it.. he’s was nothing I was looking for to began with.. but when you lost no one can find you or save you but Jesus Christ..

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No Me

imageI thought about you today longer than I should have.. I thought nice it would be to lay down and let the water cover me.. to feel your cold embrace and let it swallow me up.. I thought how nice it would be to be free from this life and pass on to the next.. letting go of the pain and the hurt.. letting go of feeling like my mind will never be the same.. a body that no longer listens to me but has a mind of its on.. no longer can I be the one thing that has kept me going a grandma.. because I allowed words without thought to escape my mouth.. words that were full of hate and anger.. that were meant to hurt another person who I love dearly.. so I allowed my words to possibly destroy instead of heal.. so in process of causing her pain.. I began to see my own.. and yes I wanted to be at peace to escape from my pain, my hurt, my words that crushed another’s person spirit.. sometimes we take the easy way so they say.. and sometimes we just feel like the world would be a better place if there was no ME..

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Morning Devotion


No matter what’s going.. are what will face  know this God is in control.. my personal belief is yes we are going to see hard times.. because I can not get past “make America great again”.. so I pray that God peace surrounds us.. that we ever watchful for not just ourselves but our neighbors.. remember if it can happen to one minority it can happen to all of us ..

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Transformation Tip

You imageIf you can’t do ten then do five.. if you can’t do five then do one.. are just try to move a little.. focus on what you can do.. this your journey no one else..

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