When I Need In Tough Times

Lord, I worship You above all things. I praise You and proclaim that You are Lord over everything in my life. Thank You that You are more powerful than any of life’s storm that I must walk through. I ask You to help me in my situation I am in now and the difficult things I face. I pray that You will give me the desires of my heart concerning these situations. Thank You, Lord, that when I cry out to You, You hear my prayers and will answer. Stormie Omartian

“She came and worshiped Him, saying, Lord help me!” Matthew 15:25

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Nothing New

Featured Image -- 1355I found out there is nothing new under the sun.. We love , we hurt and we love again.. each time believing this is the one .. but it never last..

I found when we orchestrate outside the will of God.. as believers it will not last.. we must sometimes  lay in wait as God does the pruning of everything that is unlike Him.. before He can presence us to our forever love..

I found there is nothing new under the sun.. nothing that hasn’t already been done..


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Something To Sip On

imageI remember being in the tenth grade.. and I had photography.. well I was in there with this white guy I thought was cute and nice and when the teacher would go in the dark room to help other students develop pictures.. Anthony that ways his name would let comb his hair and put all kind of crazy styles in it.. I wonder to this day what he is doing.. it’s just amazing that it was never no Angela you can’t touch me because you’re black.. don’t get me wrong we did have some racists people at our school.. with us we just saw each other as Angela and Anthony..

They Came For Us Too


Hey sista gurl just wanted to drop some knowledge on you.. as you sit thinking your world is secure because of all the riches you have.. I’m here to tell you that a change is about to come.. So people get ready..

First they came for the Muslims  accusing them all of being terrorist.. and I sit and said nothing for I was not a Muslim..

Then they came for the Hispanic to separate families and build a wall.. I didn’t speak out because I was not an Hispanic.. 

Then they came for the Indian to take what little sacred land they had left.. to run pipe lines through it.. and I didn’t speak out because I was not an Indian..

Then they came for me- to return me to a land I knew nothing of.. and there was no one left to speak for me..

This is I hope what you call a  rendition of  Niemoller poem First They Came.. at least I hope that’s what rendition is .. as I don’t want to plagiarize..

It made think what if they do come for our brothers and sisters.. will we sit idly by until it’s our turn.. Today is the day to be watchful for others.. to put a plan into action..

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A Prayer

imageAs I sit sipping my coffee.. yesterday was a disappointment to a lot of people.. and it really got me thinking.. how can anyone be allowed to run for the highest office of the United State.. without any qualification the more I thought about it the crazier it sounds… but with that being said I can no longer give this election my energy and time.. I will say this it shows us what is truly in the heart of America..

Moving on I wanted to encourage myself in the word of God.. I hope it helps you also..

“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?” (Exodus 15:11) How great are You God.. How holy are You Father.. How merciful are You to Your children.. You rain down blessing after blessing upon us.. You give us so much that we do not deserve.. You give us love and most of all Your peace.. If we seek Your face, You Father will guide us and lead us on the right path.. You Father regin in power and love.. You Father forgive us our sins day after day.. You Father are such and awesome Father,that You provide for Your children and their children.. like You did yesterday and today.. Father You are our strength and our song .. You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings.. Your presence inhabits the earth.. Thank You for blessing us and keeping us safe in Your loving arms.. for that we say How Great is our God.. Thank You Father that nothing can separate us from your love..