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Easy exercises that keep you young

Resistance training builds muscle and strengthens your bones. When you add burst of cardio, you’ll also trigger a release of growth hormones, which can keep you feeling lean and energized but decrease naturally as you age. Try doing two to three sets of each exercise, with 30 high knees in between, before moving on to the next one. ( High knees are like jogging in plac, but you want to drive your knees toward your chest.) Do this routine three days a week, and pretty soon everyone’s going to want to know your secret.

1. Princess Lunge- Holding a set of dumbbells, stand with your feet together. Take a big step back with your left foot, bring it directly behind your right (like a curtsy); bend your knees, gently touching the back one to the ground. Press through your right heel and return to standing. Do 10 reps; switch sides. The curtsy in this move helps improve coordination and balance- so essential as you age.


2. Squat-Don’t shy away from squats if your joints are feeling achy. When you squat properly, it’ll actually strengthen your knees. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out slightly; hold a set of 5-10 pound dumbbells at shoulder height. Lower into a squat, drawing your hips back and down until they sit just below your knees. Press through your heel and return to standing. Do 15 reps.


3. Bridge up- This exercise strengthens your glutes, quads, hamstring, abs-muscles that surround your hips and lower back, shielding them from injury. Lie on your back with knees bent and your feet hip-width apart, arms down by your sides. Squeeze your glutes and push your lower back into the floor; press through your heels as you slowly raise your hips toward the ceiling. Hold for a second, then lower your hips back down to the ground. Do 15 reps.


4. KettleBell Swing- It’s magic for your posterior chain, the muscles in your back and core that give you good posture, and can help prevent that dreaded hump. Stand with your feet spread wide and back rigid; hold a kettlebell or dumbbell in front of you. Bend your knees slightly and lean forward with your hips; then, keeping your arms and back straight, swing the weight back through your legs and up as high as you can, lengthening your body at the top of the move. Continue swinging for 10 reps.


5. Plank Riser- Get into forearm plank, elbows aligned with your shoulder; draw your belly button toward your spine and squeeze your glutes so your is parallel with the ground. Lift your arm and plant your palm on the ground, then do the same with your left arm, ending in a push-up position. Lower back down, first with right arm, then left. Do 10 reps, alternating sides. Planks are a mom’s best friend: They target your transverse abdominis, the inner abs that wrap your entire core, cinching your waist even as you hit middle age.



Red/ Body/ Health Coach ~ Heidi Powell

Photos – womenshealthandfitness.com.au

The Original Me Ann..

Reflection 2016

imageFirst let say I did this on purpose.. I wanted to wait to the last day of the month to reflect on 2016..

As most of you know that AngyJenks no longer exist.. because it was not connected to my page.. so I changed to AnnJekins so people can find me easily.. because that’s also the name my account is under..

Now getting to the hard part 2016.. at first i didn’t see much growth in me.. still dealing with chronic depression, pain and panic attacks.. still not able to truly enjoy my grandchildren without the help of my kids.. and life in general.. I thought about how dependent I am on my children.. and how I haven’t been able to stay committed to walking even for a few minutes because of the pain..

So I said what are you gonna do about this year Ann.. and yes my nickname is Ann.. but I also have old college friends and past co-workers that call me Angy; so which ever you prefer is fine.. Getting back to what I want to accomplish in 2017.. I want to go for walks and build my legs up.. I mean I’m in pain regardless.. so why not give it a try.. I want to devote more time to studying and mediating on God’s word.. I want to of course give more time to my blog.. and networking and reaching others with encouragement and God’s words.. I hope to grow as a person and most of all I pray that I will stay away from destructive relationships.. that I will focus more on making sure I go to therapy.. and this year I will be able to truly love myself not only in words but by my actions.. I also wanna focus less on me meaning my whining and complaining and more on humanity.. 

2016 wasn’t a bad year because I’m still here.. still praying.. still fighting for me and hopefully shedding light on mental illness and a lot of other issues.. as always be blessed..

The Original Me Ann..

Morning Devotion

imageThis morning God I just wanna thank You for being the God of a second chance.. I love how You give us the power to over come the enemy.. You are such a forgiving God.. Who gives us new mercy everyday.. and no matter how many times we change on You.. You never change on us but stay true to Your divine word..

As we go about our day keep our minds from wondering on things of the world that we have no control over.. but let our focus be on You and Your power to answer our prayers.. and give You praise as we wait for answer.. for You Jehovah God will forever be in control.. no matter what it looks like to the natural eye.. let us also remember that this place is not our home.. we are just here for a visit as our heavenly home forever home awaits us..

Have a very blessed day..

The Original Me Ann..

Just A Reminder


Did you remind yourself of these attributes today.. if not take time to remember the I AM.. or in your case YOU ARE..

The Original Me Ann..

Morning Devotion

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path (Proverbs 3:5-6).

All we can do is trust God.. remember He is the only one that knows the end to the beginning.. When we acknowledge Him as head of our lives.. it doesn’t guarantee a perfect life for us.. in fact look for it to get worse before it gets better but also look for His hand carrying you on your most difficult days..

Examine Myself

imageAll this time I was hating you.. I was hating me.. I was hating you for not loving me .. but I didn’t love me either so how did I know what love was.. I was hating you for leaving me but I left me along time ago.. All this time I was hurting over you.. I was really hurting over me and the reflection of the self I saw in the mirror.. all the time I was blaming you.. I should have been blaming me.. blaming me for the control I gave to you over me..

See I finally see just as you gave nothing to me.. you took nothing from me without my permission.. it was me that willingly looked the other way as you tore what little self esteem I had apart.. It was me that allowed you to choke away everything that I was without ever touching me.. I realize that I gave you permission to destroy me day after day by allowing your words to cut deep than any mark I could ever put on myself.. my words built you up and yours made me question the very essence of my womanhood.. 

I learned no matter how I wanna hate you.. and I do.. I no longer blame you.. the blame lies at my feet.. see hating you releases me from examining me.. it releases me from finding me.. only when I examine myself can I find self love and healing for my soul.. FOR THEY DO NOTHING WITH OUT OUR PERMISSION..

The Original Me Ann..

My relationship Notes..