I make plans.. and the fall through.. I plan for this and that but nothing seems to come of it.. I guess I’m more of a spare of the moment kind of girl.. I seem to do better.. I’ve got change make some changes in 2017.. don’t get me wrong.. I write my day out.. it’s the following it I have a problem with.. oh well I’ll try again tomorrow.. goodnight and sweet dreams.. and enjoy the ones God have blessed you with.. stay strong and remember one moment at a time..

original me


Set Free


imageWhen will my broken heart mend.. when will I let go of this sin.. My body feels so unclean.. My mind is at a lost.. I know you mean me no good.. because when everything is good for you .. I’m your last thought.. But when things are down.. I’m the first one you want to be around.. When will I see there can never be Me.. As long as you are here in my life.. I will never be free to repent if I’m constantly hell bent on you on us.. A us that clearly only exist when you need it to be.. Why must I live in this sin.. Why can’t I just repent and be set free..

original me

In My Blogging Feelings


I wasn’t gonna do a personal blog tonight as I’m not feeling well.. I have been in pain all day.. and I still had to watch the grand babies.. so I didn’t take any pain medicine.. well that’s not the reason the reason is I have none.. but that’s another blog for another day..

I wanted to talk about blogging.. and how my email is over run now by bloggers.. and I don’t mine .. well maybe a little..  my policy was to check my email, read post and do one of two things like and comment or just like it.. but I find myself reading post for bloggers who aren’t reading mine.. so the system I came up with is to go on my likes and comments.. and read those post and reply to them first.. out of 81 followers I have on a given day 7 true followers.. so I’m need to figure out how to have faithful followers like me..

Another thing I do is to follow back.. but I am finding everybody doesn’t do that either.. but I follow what interests me.. right now I feel I’m in a place of darkness with this depression and excuse my language this damn pain that I can’t get one freaking doctor to give a damn about me and my suffering.. so maybe that’s one reason I get followers but not readers.. or maybe the just wanting to grow their followers.. I don’t know..

Well at any rate.. I want to say I appreciate everyone who follows me.. but read, like, leave a comment.. sometimes I think this is a competition.. but not with me.. I have to much to release to compete.. 

If you have any thoughts I would like to hear them.. so feel free to drop by and sip some tea, coffee or pepsi..  whatever your beverage of choice is..


original me..