The Extraordinary Life

imageA life peace, joy, fulfillment, hope, and purpose.. a life where all things are possible can only be experienced through Jesus Christ..

In order to be close to God.. we must know Him by spending time with Him.. in prayer, in word, in worship and in mediation..  we must communicate with Him our whole heart.. on a continuous basis.. We must know Him intimately.. we must take attention away from ourselves and focus totally on Him.. we must love Him with all our heart and letting Him love you with all of His..

The extreme intensity of your love must fade whether it be for a boyfriend, husband, wife, and even for God.. or we would never live through it.. the depth of it must grow.. and it needs to nurtured and deepen..

We need to read the Bible.. and we must receive His Son Jesus as our Savior.. and we must pray..

Prayer is simply communicating with God.. as you would a close friend.. prayer is baring your soul to the only One who can fix it..

It is to expressed through worship and praise.. “Worship and praise is the purest form of prayer because it focuses our mind and souls entirely away from ourselves and on to Him. What it communicates is pure love, devotion, reverence, appreciation, and thankfulness to God. It’s exalting God for who He is. It’s communicating our longing for Him. It’s drawing close to Him for the sake of being close. When we worship God, we are the closest to Him we will ever be. That’s because praise welcome His presence in our midst.”

“God is He lives in our praise. He inhabits the praises of His people. “But You are holy, enthroned in the praise of Israel,” (Psalm 22:3) He’s a loving God who wants to be with us. And when we worship Him, He is.”

“When we praise and worship God, His presence comes to dwell with us. And the most amazing thing about that is when it does, things change. Lives change. Minds change. Attitudes change. Every time you praise God, something changes within you, or your circumstances, or in the people or situations around you. We can’t see all that is being affected, but we trust that it is, because it is impossible to touch the presence of God and there not be change. The reason for that is you are coming in contact with all that God is, and that will affect all that you are. Praise is the prayer that changes everything.”



“Quotes taken from book ” The Prayer That Changes Everything” Stormie Omartian.. Picture Pinterest