I know I have been kind of ghost lately.. not blogging personally or reading blogs.. just kinda trying to stay grounded in the word of God.. and dealing with feelings at the same time.. some I don’t want to deal with seem like time is flying by.. and I don’t have enough hours in the day.. 

My grand babies are sick.. and he is laying on me now and I think how uncomfortable this and the pain.. but one thing I know right now the pain is not going for me.. will God heal me of it .. I trust that He will in His time.. On this side I don’t know.. all I know is that my grand babies don’t know the meaning of grandma has chronic depression and pain.. all they know is grandma makes it better.. so no matter how bad the pain these moments of him laying in my lap don’t last forever.. too soon it will all be over.. as always be bless..

Hopefully I will be back up and Blogging..

The Original Me Ann

No editing..You can’t buy moments like these.. about 3 Sunday ago at my mom’s..

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