Over Sleep 

Just A Poem

Don’t over sleep I’ll make you regret that did.. I make you body groan and your head hurt.. I’ll give you dreams and nightmares that are out of this world.. I will make your body ache worse than the tooth ache all because you tried to sleep in..

Why did you do this to us.. you know that you have to feed me on time.. You know that your an addict like a lot of us you didn’t choose to be but the more the pain came with no warning, no answer as to how this happened to us.. 

They said they ( doctors) would fix me but once they couldn’t get rid of the pain.. I was give the drugs to help me cope.. and yes I need the drugs.. see I’m a addict to my pain by body craves the meds are my body cries tears from all over it screams out please get up.. Please help I need the med I need my fix.. I know it doesn’t help but it takes the edge off it keeps the demons at bay.. 

Please Ann don’t sleep in.. We know the days that nobody knows about where the pain is so unbearable that you just wanna be free but you fight on.. We know that you have days that you don’t wanna take your meds.. we know how hard you fight Ann.. And we tell you how proud we are for taking your meds.. We know the days that you don’t have appetite, the days depression is so real you become lost it.. And we say Ann we are so proud of you for taking care of our body.. We can only exist through you Ann and you take care of us the best you can..

But please Ann don’t sleep in..

The Original Me Ann

Picture Myrtle beach

No editing 


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