Let’s See Your Sex..


Today I want you to be the best version of you..I know your struggling to just get through the day..It’s only nine clock and you’re already thinking about tonight..or picking up the kids..how you gonna pay this bill..what to cook for dinner..how calm my husband down tonight..will the house be clean enough…I will  he be thinking what I am I coming home too..I had a long day at work.. the boss road my back today.. and I’m in a bad mood..and blah blah blah blah blah..well today I want you to focus on you for just ten minutes..at least three times a week..

Today I want you to focus on you and take time for you even if it’s just ten minutes..Think about the happiest time in your life before anyone else enter .. Think about what made you happy..Think about your sexy..Think about how you felt before all the worry and stress came into your life.. Think about how it felt to be young and sexy..I want you to look at your body and if you have beauty scars ..Think about it they came from you being able to give life..I want you to embrace your body .. I want you to look at you without shame..I want you to think that their is no one like you.. I think being a woman is the greatest thing we can be..So I want you to wear your womanhood as and honor..as crown of beauty..I want you to wear your SEXINESS like no one but YOU can.. SMILE!!

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