It’s okay to give yourself grace. I know to was hard but you got and showed up for today; it’s okay if you couldn’t get up today tomorrow is a new day.


Will it ever stop.. are will this is life forever.. the days of being care free have been long gone.. the laughter is only enjoyed for a second.. the smile that tries to hide the pain, the disappointment of the life you dream of gone in a matter of minutes to no fault of your own but it’s always in the back of your mind did I do something wrong..

Will the battle ever end.. Battles of tears that fall uncontrollably.. Battles to put one foot in front of the other.. Battles to hold on when you wanna give up..

Battles that you must win if not for yourself.. for the ones who are fighting the Battle with you..

The Original Me Ann

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It’s been a minute.. and so much has happened but I wanted to let the Blogosphere know that I’m still here.. they say setback sets you up for a comeback.. well I should be on top of the world soon..

Remember guys the holidays are the hardest when those dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts .. so keep watchful eyes on your family, friends, co-workers even a stranger that you may come in contact with.. as hard as it maybe for those of us to believe that someone cares us they do..

So as you go through out your day always look for ways to show yourself friendly and if you can give nothing else but a smile ,a listening ear ,as you walk away a warm hug.. and a genuine I’m praying with you.. just know it may save someone life..

I’ve been thinking about you “Say what you mean” praying all is well..

Blessings to you in Blogosphere

The Original Me Ann

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Where can I run when there’s no one to run to.. Where can I run when there are no arms open wide.. Where can I run when all I see is darkness.. Where can I run when there is no one to hold on to.. Where can I run when I can’t find a hand to grasp on to.. Where can I run when it’s cold outside and the rain want stop..

Where can I run when I’m all out of breath.. You were my last hope but like so many others you faded into the night..

So where can I run when there is no one holding the light..

The Original Me Ann


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The Source

imageI used to be afraid to sit in quiet.. but today it feels nice to hear nothing but quiet.. I’m glad my son and the babies are gone.. so I can just rest and focus on me.. I’m not even gonna give the pain a voice today.. I will not let the depression settle in beside me either.. I feel good sitting here knowing God is in control of everything in our lives.. I know I get aggravated when I go to these doctors and listen to them diagnose me with blah, blah, but then Your peace always calms me down and I know everything is gonna be okay.. I just wanna say thank You Jehovah for always giving me strength to look beyond man and see the source of my strength.. You..

The Original Me Ann..

Just A Reminder


Did you remind yourself of these attributes today.. if not take time to remember the I AM.. or in your case YOU ARE..

The Original Me Ann..

Morning Devotion

Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything to hard for me (Jer.32:27).

This one of my favorite scriptures.. that reminds that everything is going to be okay.. it’s been a rough month but I’m reminded everyday of God’s goodness and mercy.. and most of all is there anything to hard for God.. even in my broken state God is still able to fix even me..

The Original Me Ann..